Who we are

Touch One Life- Kenya is a registered Community Based Organization, Registration number; KUR⁄W⁄CBO⁄321⁄2019 under the ministry of East Africa Labor and social protection, department of social development office of Kenya. The organization creates arena for community members to be enlightened and empowered in economic and social aspects. This contributes to just and equitable society in which vulnerable community members count and live a dignity lives

Our approach

“Community at heart”

The community at heart approach provides a path way that efficiently guides the organizations programmes and initiatives first to focus on community needs first (stewardship) especially vulnerable members in Kenya. The approach incorporate the effort of community members, government bodies, faith associations, community civil society actors and private sectors. The key stakeholders in unison make informative strategies and decisions through partnerships.

Our Core Values


We are called to carry other people’s burden, suffering is part of our daily routine. We are unified to make the society feel compelled to reduce suffering.

Responsible Stewardship

We promote integrity in all aspects. We wisely manage the resource meant for the poor and the vulnerable.


We implement the policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for the people need our support mostly in minority groups.


We are called to support others. We come together with different gifts and talents since we believe that we have freely received.