Community Programmes

We are a community leading grassroots community based organization (CBO) that works in realization of Standard Development Goals SDGs for attainment of vision 2030. We target able people in the community through a network of volunteers who are empowered with technical skills and rich in love down their hearts to support the vulnerable lives among the community.

Economic Empowerment

We received unmatched support from the communities that we work in. They embraced and owned our motto, community at heart. This support enabled us to reintegrate rehabilitated children, survivors of gender-based violence, people with mental disorders and persons recovering from addiction with their families and communities. Many more people benefited from direct support from their communities without our direct interventions we continued to restore the dignity of vulnerable people and marginalized communities by strengthening the community capacity to work for a more inclusive society. Supporting these actions and empowering communities was an integral part of our work. We, therefore, see meaningful community engagement as the path and goal for more inclusive societies

Gracies Academy

Community Engagement and Sponsorship Program. We have involved parents/ guardians of the Gracie's in advanced agriculture where they can be able to produce food and sell some of the products for daily needs.

Wizara Special School for Mentally Challenged

We have initiative teaching the special learners with hand skill.

We have on going initiative: brick making.

Humanitarian Aids

we been donating essential basic needs to vulnerable members. In year 2019 we donated 2 standard wheelchairs to empower community mobilization.

Making zero tolerance to S&GBV

Touch ONE Life-Kenya is committed to gender-based violence prevention, children rights protection, mental health support, and promotion of resilient livelihoods in Migori Counties. Empowering women and girls in order to reduce inequality within and among men and Promoting healthy lives and the wellbeing of poor and marginalized people (SDG 3) Strengthening the resilience of economically vulnerable and the socially marginalized households(SDGs 1 & 2)

We have partnered with Migori County Gender Sector Working Group and community based organization on ground to eradicate Gender-Based Violence

Area of focus

  1. Female Genital Maturation FGM.
  2. Early/forced marriage.
  3. Teen pregnancy.

Addiction and Mental Health

We provided individual counseling to 140 (94 M, 46 F) and eight group counseling to people with mental disorders and their caregivers. A total of 25 case management follow ups were done at home (86%), hospital (4%) and in residential rehabilitation centers (10%). 23 people were supported to access quality health care; psychiatrist assessment (61%), essential drugs (34%) and inpatient treatment (5%) 12 people were supported through different stages of rehabilitation unaccompanied adults with mental disorders were rescued from the street. 136 (96 M, 40 F) people with problematic alcohol and substance use were under nonresidential rehabilitation) people were supported to undergo residential rehabilitation.