Become a member:

You can become a member by:

  1. By offering prayers and spiritual dedication
  2. By offering time, knowledge and expertise as a volunteer.
  3. By offering material support such as (food, clothe and school needs)
  4. By fostering a child: an orphan or a mentally challenged child
  5. By offering professional services free of charge. Several doctors and nurses already offer their support to the needy beneficiaries charging professional fees free.
  6. By offering financial support. This can be done in one of the following way
  • Becoming a FRIEND, by contributing 10$ Ksh 1,000/= per year
  • Becoming a SUPPORTER, by contributing 50$ Ksh 5,000/= per year
  • Becoming a SPONSER, by contributing 100$ Ksh 10,000/= per year
  • Becoming a DONOR, by contributing 500$ Ksh 50,000/= per year
  • Becoming a well-wisher, by contributing any amount of money.

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